Children's Kiditec Multiset - 152 Pieces

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Brand Kiditec
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The fabulous Kiditec from Techno Bloxx, made in Switzerland, is a brightly coloured, fun and unique construction system.

Unlike other building sets that allow only one or two slot options for placing the pieces, Kiditec offers 8 point slots - providing greater scope for creativity. Children can have hours of fun and build or invent any shape they want.

Kiditec encourages

  • creativity

  • imagination

  • co-ordination

  • motor skills

  • independent play

This set offers a perfect combination of playing features and the development of motor skills. With newly developed eyes, the models now have their very own character!

The big building parts and the 3-dimensional fixings offer children the opportunity to quickly build very stable models, ready for extensive and imaginative play.

  • Improves motor skills

  • Fully compatible with other kiditec sets

  • Everything fits together and a combination of sets will further extend the building possibilities

  • 8 models

  • Assembly instructions included

Things to build: Whether a cool, multifunctional big crane of 82.5cm (32.5inch) in height or an all terrain buggy, a motor trike or a racer, this new Multiset offers unlimited, enjoyable play time.

This set includes 152 pieces.

Age: Suitable from 3 years+