Boys Children's Green Triceratops Dinosaur Deluxe Fancy Dress Up Costume

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Plush Dinosaur costume with a big soft tummy and a feature hood with horns and spikes. Complete with a tail and fake (soft) claws. 

The costume, which fastens at the side of the chest with Velcro, is in a dark green scale-effect with a slightly padded, light-green tummy and a padded tail on the back of the costume. The arms and legs have elasticated cuffs and ankles, with padded, soft 'claws' at the end!
Perfect for Book Week, Halloween, Fancy Dress Parties, School Plays or Concerts or Just for Children’s Role Play. 

Available in 4 sizes:

1½-2 years
2-3 years
3-5 years
6-8 years


Age Height Chest Waist
1½-2 years 86-92cm 51-53cm 51-52cm
2-3 years 92-98cm 53-55cm 51-53cm
3-5 years 98-110cm 54-62cm 53-56cm
6-8 years 116-128cm 60-66cm 58-60cm